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Achieve your fitness goals, avoid injury and stay motivated with Premium Gainz - your personalised goal specific fitness app.

Premium Gainz Members App

  • Collects premium fitness content from top trainers, nutritionists, and physiotherapists.
  • Organises the content based on your chosen fitness goals.
  • Delivers it all in one place, on a daily basis, to your personalised feeds.
  • No unrelated content to distract you.
    No intrusive ads to annoy you.
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What's Your Fitness Goal?

Knowledge Is Power

The more you know, the faster you grow, mentally and physically.

Learn how to achieve your goals quicker, avoid injury and stay motivated with the Premium Gainz App.

Personalised Home Feed

We'll curate and deliver high quality fitness content based on your fitness goals. Save time and effort by allowing the content to come directly to you.

Diverse Content & Knowledge

Get videos, articles, imagery and more from certified trainers, nutritionists, and physios. All in one place to keep you fit and healthy.

Daily Forum Q's

Join in on the daily discussion, engage with trainers & other members and keep up to date with the latest fitness talk.

Personalised Store

Effortlessly find and purchase premium workout & diet plans from top trainers in the store that's tailored to your goals.

No ads or unrelated content

Premium Gainz is your safe place to avoid annoying ads and unrelated content, allowing you to focus on becoming the best version of yourself.

Affordable price

At only £6.99/mo PG'z memberships are affordable. PG offers daily personalised content with no ads Vs A fitness magazine, issued once per month (at around £4) filled with ads and unrelated content. It's your call.

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Premium Gainz Trainer Portal

A fitness knowledge sharing platform and online marketplace for trainers, nutritionists and physios.

It's the world's first open-source fitness knowledge sharing platform built to optimise fitness professional's content and increase conversion rates of their online coaching, workout and diet plans (Premium Plans).

Get key insights into member's goals, challenges, training levels and more to help guide the creation of their everyday content as well as their premium plans (workout and diet plans).

Conveniently get more relevant content which resonates with their needs and which is personalised to their goals. All in a beautifully designed app with no intrusive ads!

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Benefits for Fitness Professionals

  • ...
    Easy to use platform and 3 step process makes creating and publishing high quality content easier than ever, even for most the technologically challenged.
  • ...
    Offers a better alternative to the use of social media to direct traffic to website, by significantly reducing the steps needed to purchase premium plans while also reducing distractions such as ads. Infographic
  • ...
    Increase following and premium plans conversion through building trust and relationships with app members by delivering them content that makes a difference.
  • ...
    Premium plans marketplace provides fitness professionals with the opportunity to promote and sell their workout/diet plans and allow members to register interest in their online coaching.
  • ...
    Improve your content marketing skills by using PG'z innovative content marketing tools to provide members with relevant, engaging and useful content that helps them reach their fitness goals.