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Do you want a trial assessment first? At ChromeInfotech, we believe that it takes time to create the sense of understanding which is needed for a working relationship. In order to assess our chemistry, we are open to doing a trial project for your brand.

The trial period will last for a month, in which we will either work on a sub-system that is independently part of a bigger project or we will handle a small capacity project of yours. We ensure that the trial project sees the exact amount of effort and contribution from our end as any other full-time app. It is our belief, based on our history, that after the end of 30 days, you would have found a mobility partner in us.
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Our 10 years as app developers have been about 500+ successful Android and iPhone apps, with all of them being approved in one go and 50+ apps being featured in app stores and media, worldwide.

We help make brands. With our apps, companies get rich both from money and exposure. The increasing digits in our clients’ balance sheet and their brand coverage in leading dailies are not a chance occurrence.

We don’t make apps for our clients, we make them for their customers. No wonder our apps find themselves on world’s home screens and on top of Apple and Play Store charts, after getting thousands of downloads

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