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Request for Proposal
Executive Summary
Fitness Professionals have been managing their records in traditional ways which requires logbook to manage their clients. They write down the workouts and monitor progress of client through pen, paper and excel spread sheets. The major problem in this way of handling data is that trainer has to carry a notebook which fills up quickly and become difficult to keep safe for future purposes.
In the mobile savvy era, these fitness training professionals carries Smartphone everywhere. The main idea of the client company was - why not use mobiles to manage records, instead of paper notebook. When this idea came to us, we started thinking about solutions that could solve this problem. We referred some existing apps also but most of them were overloaded with functionality, looked bad and offered poor experience.


  • Not to fill the App with too much unnecessary feature - this can distract Trainer from focusing on clients.

  • The interaction of app with trainer must be as fast as possible.

  • Easy and quick access to all necessary information.

  • Ability to create custom workout plans.

  • A very Clean yet Classy and Rich Look and Feel.


This is where we start projecting visions on paper, creating screen structure and positions of fields. First stage is on paper and then proceeded in graphic editor. With the wireframes ready, the process of visualization looks almost like coloring. This stage is the most artistic part of a designer's work.


This is the first screen a user sees after opening the app. Best practices says, the first screen must contain the most important information useful to the users, and the transitions between the screens must be as few as possible. Now, the question in this app was the data that is most important and which should be there on the home screen. We kept major features of the app on the home screen:

  • View All Clients
  • Calendar
  • Pre Designed Programming Templates

This is another screen which contains critical information from a trainer’s perspective. Whenever a trainer meets new clients, trainer must get the client fill physical activity readiness questioner. A liability waiver form is also signed to the trainer on the app and can be emailed to client email ID from app directly.


Trainer can track client work out here and store them in iPad local memory. Training programs can also be email to the clients.

Trainer can also take client before and after pictures. Trainer can also track fat progression of client and email them the assessments.

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Downloads – The New App process flow created by our team led to the biggest change in the overall app download landscape, making the count touch 39871 Downloads. The app works incredibly on end users system which makes it high on acceptance rating.

The Face book Fan Club – The App’s rich and engaging features and awe-inspiring designs is blowing astonishing whistles among tech savvy people. The app has become way to popular which is evident by its face book likes – 5000+ and still counting.

Happy Clients – The most benefitted are the fitness professionals, the actual users of this app. The app is considered as a break through among them, in terms of managing and keeping track of their clients, which was a very tedious job earlier.

Incredibly Sprinting Ahead Given the app’s success and popularity, our customers decided to go full fledged live with this idea on web as well. We at Chrome Infotech helped the customers create the same features and functionality on the web stream, helping another thousands of its fitness clients to move away from tedious pen paper working to a smooth web application management. We worked on agile model-based approach, which guaranteed smarter development optimization; effective requirement analysis and better QA coverage – all of which cumulatively supported the app go live to its web customers. Also, there was one major benefit which added huge value to our customers business – Database. Earlier in the app phase, the database was localized – all the users app data rested in the users device only. But with the web development, we create a centralized database schema for the entire user base – be it on app or web. This was considered a huge benefit as earlier there were cases that if user deleted the app, the data was lost. But now things got changed. All data is preserved in the centralized Database.


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The Customer Business Success Story

Today, our customer has a multifold presence on web as well as mobile, enabling thousands of health professional do their task smartly, without having any hassle to manage records on paper. The customers reviewed our efforts and intelligent algorithm as the key to their business success by eliminating redundancy and the ability to visually depict the impact of new features to the existing product landscape was key to business success