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Request for Proposal
About Client’s Idea
Many of us have a passion for cooking and eating food but somehow fail miserably when it comes to actually preparing the food. These are the type of people that require tutorials on different recipes that further consists of details i.e. Keychn. The main idea behind Keychn (Synonym - Kitchen) was to provide the learning experience while interacting with Master Chefs via live-streaming Video Calling.
This application allows you to get interactive cooking lessons and live cooking classes by Chefs. With this app, you can learn to cook and then eat your favorite recipes through a video call from a famous Master-chef. The objective was to provide a platform for those who want to learn by a professional with experience in making international cuisines from all around the world.
Interesting Features that We Implemented


The user has the facility to select their desired language from these options – Spanish, English, and French. User can also select the ‘Speaking Language’ as per his/her convenience and to understand better while interacting.

Social Media

The user can further share their feed on many social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Push Notifications

Alert messages will be sent to the users as per their schedule of the cooking appointments.

Video Calling

User will be able to interact with the Master Chefs via the option of live stream Video-calling. With this feature, user can directly learn different recipes from the highly-skilled chefs. This included two modes – One-to- one calling and One-to- many that has the maximum limit of 10 people during the call.


The user can book a slot and schedule it according to the time and day of preference. There are several recipes to book for and once booked the user will be notified at the respective time.


A user can easily interact with other users through the chat option. The text chatting allows the users to know more about diverse recipes by other users.


The search makes it a lot easier for the user to find a recipe just by typing the name on the tab.


The app users can add other users as ‘Star Cooks’, where they can search for friends through Email or by Name. User is allowed to send Friend Request and can video call them once the request is accepted. The option of Block/Delete is also available in case if the user does not want to interact with a particular person.

Challenges & Solutions

The client asked us for them as much as customization possible post development of the app, it was a challenge for us to provide all images from the server since it depends on the speed of the user's Internet to download heavy images from the server before they can actually see the UI. Image caching was important at the highest level so that user's experience with the app remains good, at the same time we have to figure out a way to not to exhaust disk space of the device.

Generally, when we develop multi-language app we use iOS localization feature to provide text for different languages. This was something different and we went to store all the labels, messages on the server which are refreshed every time user logs into the app. This gives Admin a facility to edit/correct any label or message anytime and there was no need to launch a new version of the app taking into consideration that Apple's app approving policy is getting harder day by day and takes minimum 8-10 days to approve the app.
This was really a unique experience for us to embed video calling feature in an iOS app, something we have never done before.Right from the requirement analysis phase (Yes we take it very seriously), we started to approach Video Calling framework providers but there was no easy way for this. As per our commitment to deliver the service in a cost-effective manner, we dealt with more than 10 providers and some of them were demanding as high as $10,000/month (Yes that much amount). It was seriously very high and no startup could afford that much amount of money for just a framework. We kept looking and implementing the test SDKs to find the best-suited video calling framework for iOS. Finally, we broke the deal with one of the providers which were really cost effective for our client.
It's never easy to develop an app that runs on all supporting devices, to add to this complexity, our client came up with different UIs altogether for iPhone and iPad. But we still managed to deliver the universal app within the deadline.
We always make sure to deliver the app with the minimum build size so that our clients don't miss app users just because the app's build size was way high and the user just denied by seeing it. We have managed to build the app within the 20 MB threshold.
Technologies We Used

Admin Panel and Mobile API :

CakePHP Framework, jQuery, Ajax.

Database :


iOS Development :

Objective C (Xcode IDE 7.1).

Video Calling Framework :

ooVoo SDK for iOS.

Social Sharing :

Facebook, Twitter (Managed by Fabric) and Instagram.

Image Caching :

AFNetworking and SDWebImage.

SIP Protocol :

Managed by Apple VoIP Notification.

Amazon cloud

The client was very happy with the final outcome of the project and appreciates the work done by ChromeInfotech. Keychn is a cooking app that allows user to learn through Live Cooking Classes from Master Chefs, which raised $1 Million in a Funding round. Users are loving this app and providing great reviews, as they get to interact with and learn from top-level chefs.