Simple Yet Creative Ways to Promote your Mobile App in 2018

by Tanya Singh January 9, 2018

Apps no doubt is the necessity for most of the businesses. From an instant connection with the customers to displaying all the latest products and services, to the mobility that it offers, mobile apps are the trend everyone is following. The benefits that apps add to the business, it is important to make your app visible to maximum people so that it gets as many users as possible.

Working in a Mobile App Development Company surely has given me the opportunity to work with hundreds of business owners as well as entrepreneurs. And each of them has a unique perspective and various requirement but one thing that was same: Maximum User Coverage.

For maximum visibility, the basic step is “promoting your app”. By doing app promotion, the app gets instant recognition among the users. Promoting your app is just like making users aware of it and its functionalities. Promoting your app can boost the number of downloads and can make your app users favorite.

Here are some of the tried and proven methods that can be used for promoting your app.

Social Platforms: Your app can not get a better way for promotion than promoting it on social platforms. People are now social and invest most of their time on socially. This can be the most effective way to create awareness about your app.

Demo Video: Let’s take an example of Movies, if a trailer looks appealing then people get motivated to watch more. The same principle applies here, so simply create a half-a-minute commercial video for the app. But makes sure to answer the user’s questions like Why? How? And What? In the demo itself.

Advertisements: The second most effective way to get instant recognition among the users is by doing advertise about your app. Use the various advertising channels for promotion of your app.

Featuring: Adding the app on your website makes it easy for your visitors to notice. But it is important to feature the app on official blogs as a majority of people rely on them for latest and trending updates.

Review Promotion: Get your app reviewed by some known sites and share those reviews on your company page and socially. People will find it easy to believe in your app and it will gain popularity as well.

Multiple Store Submission: Submit your app to multiple stores. Making your app available in different app stores other than Google Play store will enhance its chances of getting many users.

Influencer – Collaborate with influencers as they will influence their followers to try out your app. Influencer sharing has become common nowadays and they tend to ask for a price to do your app promotion.

In the end, users want an effective app that delivers the desired quality and performance. If you have an app that can shine on the required parameters, don’t wait for promoting it. Mainly what these ways require is time so invest your time and confidence in these techniques. And soon you will be able to notice the increase in the number of downloads and users of your mobile app. Get a custom App or service from Best Android Development Company before the promotion process.

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