ChatBots: Slowly but Surely Evolving!

by Tanya Singh January 17, 2018

Chatbot, a buzzword of the past but an upward trend of the present. This statement looks more like a question because somehow Artificial Intelligence was the hot topic of last year. According to several reports, the AI will be taking over human jobs by a large percentage portion by the end of 2020. And why not? Chatbots do have immense potential and offer a wide range of possibilities in industries. That is why most of the Mobile App Development companies have started to incorporate artificial intelligence as an inbuilt functionality. They basically automate communication, improve customer experience and help in analyzing customer preferences.

“This Chatterbot is a computer program that acts as an interactive agent which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods”.

During the Hype Cycle, chatbot witnessed a phrase of disillusionment as consumers were not entirely satisfied with what and how the chatbots delivered. Now, with the detailed understanding of what works and what actually the consumers want the bot makers today offer smarter bots that add value. The silver lining here is that many bot makers in their quest to make innovative solutions focused their energies on slack bot development.

With Chatbots working for big players on Social Media Platforms, the major global brands are supporting the chatbot development. With enterprises bracing for customized chatbots solutions, the coming year is likely to see more evolution in this technology. Famous brands like eBay, Starbucks, British Airways and many others have chatbot functionality that is being used creatively. Whereas, the ‘Generation Y’ also known as the millennial users are going hand in hand with chatbot technology. As chatbots become more streamlined and customized the millennial are likely to embrace the high-tech chat interfaces that will help them to resolve issues faster in comparison to traditional tools.

Sectors like Finance and Insurance is stepping-up and are including chatbots deployment as a must. Customer queries are usually dealt by a dedicated team of people and the queries are addressed only in the designated working hours. This is sometimes tiresome but the chatbots do not have such restrictions and can efficiently work 24/7.

Today, almost every e-commerce website has a live chat feature to assist users in making their shopping experience more pleasant. One of the core features is the Cross-Channel Consistency that allows chatbots to offer seamless communication which further leads to an effective session for the end users. The chatbot deployment is on the rise but that doesn’t mean the elimination of the human factor from the service desk, yet. The bots do have their limitations and at some point, the customer too would like a human representative to take over.

What Next?

The fact that anyone can now develop a simple chatbot has somehow empowered the business sector. There are quite a few business houses in the Hospitality Industry that have deployed chatbots for tasks like to reserve a room, to book a flight or to explore destinations etc. A chatbot is as good as it’s algorithm and the algorithms are getting socially and politically better with each passing day.

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